Looking for collaboration in the cloud? It seems these days this is one of the biggest trends to hit the construction industry, as businesses are more frequently turning to technology that enables easy file sharing across a project.

In an effort to improve collaboration even further, two technology companies have recently come together and formed a partnership to improve file sharing in construction.

FotoIN Mobile Corp., www.fotoinmobile.com, Atlanta, Ga., is now integrating with Citrix ShareFile, www.citrix.com, Santa Clara, Calif., a secure file-sharing solution to automate filing and organization of photo documentation directly from the field.

As a mobile SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that empowers industries such as construction, property management, real estate, and insurance, FotoIN brings the ability to tag and annotate photos, as well as automatically capture GPS data such as date, time, device, address, and project information. And FotoIN embeds this data into photos and reports, making it easy to upload to Citrix ShareFile and to share and collaborate across an entire organization.

To this end, FotoIN continues to automate and speed up field photo documentation by directly connecting field workers and smart devices to the office and its backend storage repositories. Collaborating with Citrix ShareFile, a secure, cloud-based file sharing and storage solution, ensures secure storing and fast sharing of photos for all current and future Citrix ShareFile customers across industries with heavy field exposure.

For imminent success, and to rapidly scale its open platform and integrate with ShareFile, FotoIN leveraged ShareFile’s API (application programming interface) portal, an online resource featuring tools and documentation that make it easy for partners, developers, and customers to integrate their applications or services with ShareFile. It’s a straightforward way for people to snap photos with their mobile device, annotate the image, and automatically upload it to ShareFile.

In the construction industry, integration will make those in the field much more efficient, with easier workflow and file sharing.