For the construction industry file sharing has become one of the biggest new technologies and trends to hit the market, as technology can help improve workflow for project participants. However, the value add can go up significantly if the file-sharing app is integrated with backoffice applications for accounting and other business tasks.

Last week, GetApp,, Barcelona, Spain, announced new integrations with Citrix ShareFile,, Raleigh, N.C., which will improve workflow for users of online accounting software and project-management apps.

More specifically, this integration will allow contractors that use QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Zero, and Basecamp to store and retrieve files directly from ShareFile.

What does this new means for the construction industry? GetApp specifically points to the construction industry as one such industry that has large project-management files. The integration with Basecamp, for example, ensures these large files can be stored automatically within ShareFile folders and accessed from anywhere. What’s more, contractors and builders will be able to export documents such as invoices automatically into the ShareFile folders.

Citrix—which has been a leader in the IT space for a number of years for virtualization—acquired ShareFile in 2011, cementing its role as a file-sharing provider for the construction industry. Now, by leveraging GetApp Integrations the company will be able to develop integrations to customer workflows, which will ultimately improve productivity for contractors and builders.

With the increasing popularity of the cloud and SaaS (software-as-a-service) in the construction industry, applications such as this for file sharing are becoming more frequently used—especially among SMBs (small-to-medium-sized businesses).

With these new integrations, SMBs will be able to further improve workflow capabilities, making it easier for construction companies to move IT to the cloud.