Planning and building a home in 3D can take all the guesswork out of a new construction or remodel project. Today, more residential contractors are finding value in such technology in the form of higher customer satisfaction rates, reducing labor costs, and a reduction in change orders, among others.

Fidelity General Contractors,, Encino, Calif., for example, has jumped on board the trend. The residential builder recently announced its intent to include the 3D design approach to all new construction and remodeling projects.

Company owner Ran Ben Rafael says, “3D home design planning is a more effective and attractive way to show homeowners a realistic view of how a certain part of their house will look when it is remodeled. In the past when designers rely merely on technical drawings, homeowners can hardly imagine how their bathroom or kitchen will look like after a remodeling project is completed.

“This limitation sometimes poses a serious problem when it comes to customer satisfaction especially when the outcome is different from customer’s expectations.”

As a more advanced way to render a home design, 3D provides a more realistic visual of the construction from all angles. For builders, this can be used either for the entire home or simply a portion of it. The 3D design-planning process can also uncover multiple design flaws which are often overlooked on drawings, well before construction begins.

In the case of Fidelity General Contractors, remodeling jobs present a unique opportunity for the 3D technology. Such projects entail large expenses, often requiring several professionals with specific areas of expertise to get involved in the process. This is where 3D technology can really play a strong role, reducing the concerns around envisioning and planning the details from multiple trades.

“Fidelity General Contractors is committed to work with homeowners from beginning to end and in transforming your home into the home of your dreams,” says Rafael. “We have extensive working experience in making 3D images and animations for kitchen and bathroom remodeling, new flooring, room additions, and complete home remodeling. We will continually offer quality remodeling at the most affordable price using sustainable designs and the latest construction techniques. And with our latest 3D design planning service, expect better service from us.”

Technology options can vary based on user need, but the options in the market are plentiful. Advanced offerings like those offered by Ameri-CAD brand, which is a part of diversified manufacturing company ITW (Illinois Tool Works),, Glenview, Ill., and the Simpad brands offered by MiTek,, Chesterfield, Mo., fit a specific need. Of course, you have those that are dedicated more to the smaller builder and remodelers, like Cadsoft,, Guelph, Ont. The value is in the package, driven by demand from the customer.