It seems these days everything is being embedded with sensors in order to access data about the object. Fleets of vehicles are no exception, and will become more connected in the construction industry in the year ahead.

ABI Research,, Oyster Bay, N.Y., says adoption of telematics in the non-trucking sector, which includes construction, service and utilities, public transportation, and others, is expected to equal the trucking industry in terms of numbers of connected vehicles by the end of 2014. This means industries such as construction can expect greater connectivity in vehicles in the year ahead.

Specifically for the construction industry, ABI Research says safety and security are the primary concerns with regards to driver behavior and driver fatigue, which will be the most important complement to the typical fleet-management solutions.

In order to meet these and other needs, the technology companies continue to come to market with new solutions and partnerships to provide greater functionality and connectivity to a variety of different types of fleets.

For example, new integration between two technology companies will provide fleet management customers with operational benefits. RacoWireless,, Cincinnati, Ohio, and SkyWave,, Ottawa, Ont., recently joined forces and developed a fully integrated software and hardware solution, streamlining communication, and support for the fleet management industry.

The combination of RacoWireless’ Position Logic GPS tracking platform and SkyWave’s AVL (automatic vehicle location) agent with IsatData Pro Satellite M2M devices will provide users the ability to customize tools and configure devices in realtime for greater insight into fleet operations. Growth in coverage area alone makes this merging of technologies appealing. Customers will find greater ease in receiving position and status reports, tracking drive time, monitoring vehicle speed, and more, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is in cellular range.

Another key ingredient to this mix is simplicity. SkyWave’s AVL Agent is an embedded Lua application, which eliminates the need for upfront Lua programming. The result is easy installation and use by the customer. Preset events-based reports in the system can support the user’s demands in monitoring the vehicle, including driver behavior.

While this is just one new example, there are a number of examples of solutions designed specifically with the construction industry and aim to improve the efficiency and maintenance of the vehicles, while also enhancing the behavior of the drivers.