Autodesk has a vision for the future of BIM (building information modeling) and has continued to focus efforts on cloud and mobility for construction.

In addition to ongoing updates to acquired products, the company has also launched the Autodesk 2016 software portfolio of design, engineering, and construction solutions to help drive the industry’s business transformation toward BIM, which includes cloud-enhanced services needed for BIM projects.

In speaking with company executives, it is clear Autodesk knows BIM is not just about the model, but rather an entire collaborative process that needs to reach from BIM specialists in the office to project managers out at the jobsite, and even beyond to facility managers for the long-term of the structure.

Keep an eye on Autodesk in the year ahead. The company is doing a lot more than just updating its products, rather it has a vision for the future of how BIM will be leveraged in construction.