When it comes to adopting a technology solution, never underestimate the importance of usability. In the construction industry, software solutions meant to make workflow easier and faster, along with mobile devices designed to connect disparate processes, can make a big impact on a company’s bottomline. Of course, this is only true if the technology is adopted by the right people and in a timely manner.

When adopting a project-management solution, the technology must be user-friendly enough to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. After all, if using a device or a software solution is more difficult for a user than the “old way,” the company will not experience an optimal level of ROI (return on investment).

Corecon Technologies, www.corecon.com, Huntington Beach, Calif., recently announced several updates for its flagship product, Corecon V7, which the company believes will make it even more user-friendly than before.

Corecon provides project-management software solutions for general contractors, subcontractors, homebuilders, remodelers, and developers, among others. Corecon V7 is a cloud-based estimating and project-management solution that provides construction professionals with the connectivity they need whether on the job, in the office, and anywhere in between.

Enhancements include the ability to use Corecon V7 with Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers (enabling the use of V7 on the iPad); new dashboard pages, modules, and more than 50 new drag-and-drop widgets; and improved print options for project scheduling; among other features.

Norman Wendl, president, Corecon Technologies, says, “ … Apple iPad users now have complete access to all of the functions, features, and information in Corecon V7 when using their Apple device in the field or office.” Ultimately, the enhancements offer new options for accessing data from mobile devices, along with increased efficiencies to help make the solution as useful as possible.

By helping to provide visibility into a construction company’s operations, even for workers in the field, project-management solutions can help a business reach its full potential. By seeking out and adopting solutions that bear usability in mind, companies ensure their employees will be readily on board, while also reaching the full ROI potential.

Next week, solutions such as Corecon V7 will be on display in the Exhibit Hall at the 2012 Technology Day conference. Constructech’s annual event will take place on October 5 at the San Mateo Marriott in San Mateo, Calif.