For the construction industry, mobile apps provide a way to easily gather data and share it with the backoffice. However, with the amount of apps available to the construction industry today, there are a number that don’t easily integrate with systems already in the office. This becomes paramount for the construction industry.

Yesterday, Newforma,, Manchester, N.H., announced the launch of several new apps for the construction industry, as well as new functionality in its project-management platform, Newforma Project Cloud.

The company says one of the key features is the fact Newforma Project Cloud integrates with the new mobile apps for field management. With this integration, construction companies can ensure greater accuracy due to the fact team members are always working with current project information. Additionally, this integration eliminates data entry errors and duplicated efforts.

What new apps does Newforma have in store for the construction industry? The Newforma Tasks app displays punchlist assignments, work-to-complete items, and other quality control tasks. The Newforma Capture app provides a central location for team members to collect and categorize noncompliance items and other field data.

The Newforma Project Email app allows users to view emails, search contents, and reply and forward as needed. The company says this app encourages project team members to file emails, making it a part of the project record.

In addition to the three newly launched apps, Newforma also announced upgrades to one of its existing apps—Newforma Plans. New functionality includes being able to locate quality control items on plans.

While this is one example of a construction-technology provider that is developing apps that integrate with backoffice software, there are a number of apps designed specifically for the construction industry to better leverage data at the jobsite.

Don’t miss the May/June issue of Constructech magazine, which will have an article focusing on how contractors can develop a mobile strategy as well as an App Catalog with some of the newest and most innovative apps to hit the market.