PlanGrid recently partnered with Sequoia Capital, and raised $18 million in Series A financing to help fuel the platform’s growth. The investment will allow PlanGrid to significantly increase its growth and provide more value to its customer base, according to Tracy Young, cofounder and CEO, PlanGrid.

The efficiencies are gained in many ways. Most construction teams carry around dozens of blueprints and other construction documents. These pages require manual replacement by hand each time a change is made, which can result in long delays and cost overruns.

Consolidation is key, and PlanGrid brings together all construction information onto a tablet or smartphone, which empowers engineers, contractors, field workers, and architects to collaborate and efficiently manage projects. Users can access and edit the latest drawings on-the-go and directly communicate with each other from anywhere, helping to ensure projects are built on schedule and under budget.

With the new funding, the company is poised to continue on this growth path, bringing to market a solution that represents the next generation of construction technology.