Technology is delivering new training solutions for the construction industry. Specifically, a tool released by GeT (Global eTraining),, Edmonton, Alta., provides customizable project-specific training.

At Autodesk University 2014, GeT announced the launch of The Workflow Workbook, which transforms BIM (building information modeling) solutions into project enablers. The Workflow Workbook allows users to build custom workflow training, to drive action, establish consistent training within the company, and increase visibility by connecting staff with relevant tasks and data.

“Our customers have complex projects that draw on multiple software simultaneously,” says Susan Brattberg, CEO, GeT, “The Workflow Workbook allows users to learn only what is project-relevant, using our methodology for quick and effective learning.”

According to GeT, the Generator Workflow is a robust, intuitive, and timesaving tool with a simple drag-and-drop design environment. Customers can publish and create content live with a click of a button, while being able to edit, add, remove, or replace content with ease in realtime. Workflow templates can be duplicated and reused for consistent training across projects.

Game-changing technology is improving the workflow of construction projects which results in enhanced efficiency for the company. In this example, GeT provides its customers with a simple tool for workflow design and development.

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