The infrastructure bill was just signed and already companies are getting in line to help. The U.S. federal government normally spends more than $20 billion annually on roads, bridges, dams, and other infrastructure projects with that number about to get much bigger with the bipartisan infrastructure bill being passed.

The FHWA (Federal Highway Administration) Office of FLH (Federal Lands Highway) operates in all 50 states and provides engineering and construction expertise that supports more than 500,000 miles of roadway, 8,500 bridges, 35,000 trails, and more than 400 transit systems for federally-owned transportation facilities. FLH delivers projects similar to the state DOTs (Dept. of Transportation) and local public agencies and undertakes many unique programs and projects that are geographically and environmentally complex. It sought to replace old construction management systems with a single-platform, interoperable solution that would offer seamless integration across the capital planning and management lifecycle, and support workers in the field with mobile capabilities.

In response, Aurigo Software Technologies, a provider of capital planning and construction management solutions for public and private owners, has entered into a 10-year contract with the FHWA Office of FLH to modernize capital roadway construction planning and management.

Aurigo’s Masterworks 2021 will enable FHWA’s internal staff of 500 employees as well as hundreds of external vendors to collaborate over the same, cloud-based platform. The system will make offline mobile updates possible at remote project locations, improve document management, replace existing cost estimating systems, and facilitate electronic bidding and construction administration workflows.

The product suite has been available on the FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) marketplace since late 2020, meeting the stringent security and compliance standards required by federal agencies. Masterworks Cloud and Masterworks Essentials, have also been awarded a status of “StateRAMP Ready” and are now available on the StateRAMP Authorized Vendor List, verifying security compliance and risk mitigation best practices.

StateRAMP is a nonprofit formed in 2021 by state and local governments, industry experts, and private businesses who joined efforts to help agencies manage their third-party supplier cybersecurity risks. StateRAMP’s mission is to promote cybersecurity best practices through education, advocacy, and policy development to support its members and improve the cyber posture of state and local governments and the citizens they serve. To ensure ongoing security compliance and risk mitigation, providers must comply with continuous monitoring requirements to maintain a verified security status.

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