Safety and green can often go hand in hand, especially during the punchlist process. Being able to electronically manage checklists using a smartphone or a tablet on a jobsite not only eliminates paper, but can also identify defective work or potential hazards.

Earlier this month, AxisPointe,, El Cajon, Calif., announced its new TradeAlert Email Notification System. This technology provider offers the solution to enable builders to minimize paperwork with electronic “checkpoints.” The company says this will allow companies to replace time-consuming calls with subs and specialty contractors with an email alert and response system, which is built into its InSite Mobile iPhone application.

The company’s Director of Operations Fred Chaney even says the system can free up at least one hour a day for superintendents and will create an electronic papertrail to hold everyone accountable.

The latest release of InSite Mobile also includes new builder templates for job safety, accessibility, and stormwater pollution compliance. The iPhone app will even guide workers in the field to safety issues and tracks the issue until a correction is verified. After receiving the email and making needed corrections, the user can attach photos to verify compliance.

What’s more, builders can also involve employees, third-party consultants, and trade contractors in the process. A “refer” button allows anyone in the field to promote a question to an expert, where they can respond via the same alert system.

Using punchlist and checklist technology on a mobile device has a number of benefits for both builders and contractors. While saving paper is an ancillary benefit, being able to recognize safety issues can be a big value add for the construction industry. Some insurance providers are even encouraging the use a system such as this to capture information.

If builders can demonstrate reliability of the information and quick resolution of issues, the result will be more insurance benefits, less paper use, and an overall safer jobsite.