Are your construction projects energy efficient? For many eliminating the use of paper on the jobsite has helped to improve the overall footprint of a project—and now the cloud can help take that one step further.

Construction companies and contractors alike need a new generation of technology, which oftentimes is in the cloud. Not only can the technology enable a flexible work process, but it also cuts back on the paper used and can even help grow a company by tracking day-to-day opportunities in the office and from the field.

For the majority of construction companies, the cloud has brought alignment via online review and realtime collaboration. To this point, collaboration across the industry is on the increase.

As yet another example of partnerships driving unique value, Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., was recently selected by Ardmore Air Conditioning Corp.,, Yonkers, N.Y., which purchased Vista by Viewpoint. Admore’s selection of Vista is a sign the company is looking for improved features and functionality to plan for anticipated growth.

According to Justin Gibb, service manager, Admore Air, the company was looking for software that could support both the project and service sides of the business. This would make it easy for key team members to access and handle critical data.

Companies aligned like these show a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction via technology and innovation.