There has been a lot of talk about the potential for wearable technology in the construction industry. But what about one of the pioneering wearable devices: Google Glass? Will this specific wearable find roots in construction?

Google Glass leverages a head-mounted display and provides a virtual reality experience for construction companies. Up until now, one of the big talking points surrounding opportunities for Google Glass in construction centered on being able to visualize a project while walking the jobsite. Such benefits include confirming installation locations, ensuring usage of correct drawings, locating component details, scheduling compliance, and dealing with clash issues, among many others.

However, can Google Glass be used beyond just visualization in construction? It seems, as of late, many of the technology providers in the construction space are looking at how they can bring construction software to Google Glass, offering even more benefits for wearables in construction.

Procore Technologies,, Carpinteria, Calif., for example, recently announced it is integrating its construction-management software into Google Glass. Procore says this will allow construction companies to do better planning and project management.

The company gives this example: Imagine if a project manager could virtually walk a jobsite in different states all on the same day. This would give project managers the ability to communicate, share documents, and monitor progress in realtime.

Procore sees this as an opportunity to give construction teams the technology to operate on thin margins and improve efficiency to prevent delays.

While Google Glass has yet to hit mainstream adoption in the construction industry, Procore engineers continue to develop the Procore app and test its potential as it develops new construction project-management solutions.

This is just one recent example in the construction space. At CONEXPO earlier this month, FieldLens,, New York, N.Y., demonstrated a prototype application for Google Glass, which was in conjunction with the launch of its mobile field management application. This is designed to help document, assign, and manage jobsite issues.

While the construction industry is still in the early days of wearables, Google Glass is proving to be a big talking point for many companies. And the interesting part is the construction industry is really just beginning to scratch the surface for the potential use cases and benefits.