As a construction company, chances are you use Google,, in some way—whether it is as a search engine or the Android platform. Some recent announcements from Google now have the tech world buzzing.

Beginning on the developer’s side, an upgrade to Google Play Services will improve the experience and capability of developing on the Android platform.

Last week, the company announced Google Play Services 7.0 on its official Android Developers’ Blog. Developer Advocate Ian Lake says the release delivers important improvements. For instance, Google Play Services 7.0 will improve the location-settings experiences by introducing a standard mechanism that check to see whether the necessary location settings are enabled on a device for an app’s location request to perform optimally. The goal is to help developers produce a better user experience.

With the rollout, Google is also bringing developers a new API (application programming interface) for place information, new fitness data, and automatic integration of AdMob, Google Analytics, and Google Play Games. The new Places API is built on the premise that location “can be so much more than a latitude and longitude.” Lake says the new API includes a built-in place picker makes it easy for a user to leverage Google’s extensive database and get the details about his or her location—from the location’s name, address, and associated phone number to its Website, and beyond.

For the construction industry, being able to identify location information can provide big value for business.

In addition to bringing developers new tools to build better apps, those who are following news from MWC (Mobile World Congress) know that Google’s senior vice president of products, Sundar Pichai, made some suggestions during his address that have many in a tizzy. Pichai said the company was working with wireless carrier partners, presumably about the possibility of offering a sort of hybrid service that would rely on cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

While this is just a hint of what’s to come (Pichai says more details are coming soon), the company is obviously keeping the business world and the world of innovators and developers on their toes.

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