Systemates,, Richardson, Texas, has announced GPD Group’s,, Akron, Ohio, selection of Projectmates, its construction project-management software.

With team members specialized in many different disciplines, GPD Group is capable of overseeing a variety of projects throughout any phase of the project lifecycle. Streamlining these projects for clients that did not already have a management solution, however, required construction program management software that was just as robust and adaptable.

Projectmates provides GPD with a single platform of seamless communication between team members and clients. Clients are able to remain constantly aware of program status through Projectmates’ document-sharing system. Site documents and photos are archived for viewing by both team members and clients. Additionally, the comprehensive emailing tools allow a consultant or contractor to notify GPD team members of new uploads to the system. This functionality also incorporates non-users, as links for documents and files can be emailed to parties that aren’t on Projectmates.

Projectmates is configurable out of the box. As such, GPD is able to customize each client program to better suit its workflow. Each of GPD’s programs can have different milestones based on client requirements and deliverables. To facilitate this, Projectmates enables each program to have custom-tailored schedules that can be easily modified.

For GPD Group to better track and communicate a program’s status to its respective client, it needed efficient and customizable reporting tools. In addition to more than 100 pre-built enterprise reports, Projectmates also features ad hoc reporting. Users are able to formulate their own reports by dragging and dropping in data. This allows users to produce reports tailored to each viewer, whether it is a fellow team member or a client.

These comprehensive archiving and reporting features of Projectmates double as assets toward GPD’s marketing. Because the software acts as a single storage platform for all project data, GPD Group can create project reports highlighting improvements on its schedule delivery and quality control as the years pass. These in-depth facts can be used to support GPD’s marketing efforts and display its continued dedication toward improving project quality and delivery.

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