VANCOUVER, Canada, February 25, 2015 – Aconex Limited (ASX: ACX), provider of a leading cloud collaboration platform for the global construction industry, today announced its deployment by  Graham Design Builders for the construction of the North Island Hospitals Project (NIHP). The C$606.2-million project to build two new hospitals on northern Vancouver Island is a public-private partnership (PPP) for the Vancouver Island Health Authority, known as Island Health. Graham is using Aconex to provide project-wide collaboration for document control, communications, workflow management, and other essential design and construction processes.

The NIHP involves the construction of a 39,826-square-meter, 153-bed hospital in the Comox Valley and a 32,316-square-meter, 95-bed hospital in Campbell River. The goal is one hospital with two sites, requiring a high degree of coordination between the two facilities, which are located approximately 43 kilometers apart. Beyond providing a clinical environment for acute patient care, the Vancouver Island Health Authority intends to maximize efficiency for hospital staff by integrating systems both within and between the facilities.

“The construction of two hospitals designed to act as one carries many unique challenges,” said James Keeler, director of shared services for major commercial projects at Graham Design Builders. “The NIHP requires close collaboration across a large multi-company project team, with high visibility for both public and private stakeholders. Close coordination and tracking of all document versions, communication threads and workflow steps between many different organizations is critical in PPP projects, where risk is high and compliance requirements are strict. Aconex improves efficiency and reduces risk, creating a formal, searchable record of all project data – from meeting minutes to design drawing submittals. We always tell the project team, ‘If it’s not in Aconex, it doesn’t exist!’”

The NIHP targets a Gold Certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

History of Successful Projects

There are currently more than 500 project team members from about 100 organizations using Aconex for the NIHP. Graham successfully used the Aconex platform on a project of similar scale and scope – the construction of the Kelowna General and Vernon Jubilee Hospitals in British Columbia, Canada. At the time, the US$432-million project was one of the province’s largest PPP developments. Aconex helped Graham and its project team save time and cost, while providing a complete project audit trail for accountability and compliance.

“We try to use Aconex on all major commercial projects that we execute,” added Mr. Keeler. “Past experience has shown us that the Aconex platform works flawlessly. From a technology perspective, it’s a very mature and stable platform.”

“We’re pleased to continue supporting projects managed by Graham, which has been a valued long-time customer,” said Frank Kopas, general manager of the Americas at Aconex. “As a PPP, the North Island Hospitals Project is complex and specialized, requiring frictionless collaboration for project information and process management across many different organizations. Aconex gives Graham and its partners the confidence to proceed with reduced risk of delays and disputes.”

For more information on Graham’s previous Aconex projects, see Kelowna General Hospital and Vernon Jubilee Hospital.

About Aconex

Aconex Limited provides a leading cloud collaboration platform for the global construction industry. This platform gives owners and contractors in the construction, infrastructure, and energy and resources sectors project-wide visibility and control between the many different organizations collaborating across their projects. With more than 50,000 user organizations and over A$800 billion of project value delivered in more than 70 countries, Aconex is the industry’s most widely adopted and trusted platform. Founded in 2000, Aconex has 41 offices in 22 countries around the world, including headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and San Francisco, California. The company’s ordinary shares are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under the ticker code ACX.