It’s tough to deny how much emphasis is being placed on the idea of becoming environmentally friendly and going green in today’s world. Naturally this impacts the building market, as homebuyers are searching for clean and green technologies for their living spaces, and homebuilders are striving to meet that demand.

One of the newest contributions to the connected home comes from Green Edge Technologies,, San Diego, Calif. The company’s new EDGEhome solution offers homebuilders, developers, and consumers an advanced home energy management system which strives to be cost effective, easy to use, and without recurring fees.

EDGEhome provides realtime energy monitoring via control of every point of electricity usage in a home. This is accomplished through a connected user interface, comprised of wireless devices, as well as various mobile apps that can be accessed via smartphones or tablets, which grant users the ability to extensively monitor their home energy use. The devices are installed at every junction box and behind every switch and outlet. This provides consistent coverage throughout the home, allowing consumers to control and monitor all of the electrical lights and outlets.

The cost-saving implications of EDGEhome are potentially vast, as homeowners not only save money through reduced power consumption, but can receive tips from the program on how to save additional energy. In addition, the system can intelligently automate energy reduction, which can at times simplify a hectic day for a consumer.

EDGEhome may also be cost-efficient for homebuilders, as it can significantly reduce electrical wiring installation. This in turn saves money on construction costs.

“EDGEhome is the answer for residential homebuilders who want to provide their customers with the most advanced and cost-efficient home intelligence system available,” says Scott Steele, founder and CEO, Green Edge Technologies. “Because of EDGEhome’s innovative design, disruptive cost structure, and wire elimination technology, new home builders enjoy an unbelievably low net system cost. The market needed a solution with true intelligence at a price point that could reach the mass market – that’s why we’ve created the EDGEhome system.”

Clearly, as the construction industry continues to be impacted by the advancement of technology, both homebuilders and homebuyers can experience added convenience and cost-efficiency. It’s what many would deem a win-win situation.