BIM (building information modeling) continues to grow in the construction industry with companies striving to further increase efficiency and profits. As seen recently, two companies are offering new software and services to improve the BIM process for contractors, which are often being used in the generation and management of digital representations of developing places.

As seen with Viewpoint Construction Software,, Portland, Ore., there is an increase in BIM collaboration tools, which expand the capabilities of other project-management solutions. The Viewpoint For Project Collaboration improves internal and external team stakeholders communication through the use of BIM collaboration tools. Viewpoint Construction Software increases its SaaS (software-as-a-service)-based project collaboration solution in the Asia-Pacific Region through the availability of Viewpoint For Project Collaboration and its unveiling of a new data center in Australia to increase flexibility on customers’ data hosting options.

Included in the Viewpoint For Project Collaboration is Viewpoint BIM Manager, which is a browser-based application for BIM collaboration that allows any project team member to review and interact with the 3D models. The Viewpoint BIM Manager also gives team members the capabilities to access and update design specification and project as-built information, as well as attaching tasks and defects to the models with the simpler software and limited training.

In other news, Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., announced it is acquiring the assets of privately held company, MAYBIM,

Trimble’s wide variety of products and services, such as GPS technology, allows it to have integrated solutions for customers to efficiently estimate, design, collect, manage, and analyze complex information. The Trimble MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) division develops products and solutions such as BIM services for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades.

Through the acquisition of MAYBIM, Trimble extends its services to include customizable project deliverables including 3D modeling, BIM coordination, and 3D laser scanning and modeling from scanned print clouds. The grouping of Trimble MEP division with MAYBIM creates a combination for customer focus, which can include expanding skills and capacity to support client base’s BIM capabilities.

With the growth of BIM services, construction firms will quickly see increases to their bottomlines through increased efficiency.