To say a steady hand is important when operating a power tool is something of an understatement. Precision on the job affects quality, efficiency, safety, and timeliness. But we’re all naturally prone to human error. Thus, in some instances it’s better to let technology take the reigns.

ShopBot Tools,, Durnham, N.C., is hoping to offer both construction professionals and consumers a steady hand with the Handibot smart power tool. The connected device acts as a 3D cutter, which can be used to cut, drill, or carve with computer-controlled precision. The tool is app-driven, and can be run from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The idea is to increase productivity and enhance creativity for those working with wood, plastic, or aluminum.

The device is equipped with CNC (computer-numerically-controlled) technology. ShopBot developer David Byran says CNC technology typically isn’t considered jobsite friendly, and materials typically have to be carried to the machine. The Handibot, however, works the other way around, which adds convenience.

The company recently started a 30-day campaign on Kickstarter,, New York City, N.Y., hoping to raise $125,000 for the development and distribution of the tool. Contributors will receive a first-run Handibot six weeks after the campaign closes.

The Handibot’s components have also been left open, so developers may expand upon its functionality as they see it. The Kickstarter campaign will also fund the development of a Web-based ecosystem, where anyone with app ideas will be able to communicate with developers.

“One company can’t possibly come up with all the interesting job apps that can be put to work with a Handibot tool,” says ShopBot President Ted Hall. “So we took to the crowd to think of apps for the tool and work together in developing them.”

The Handibot is simply the latest piece of evidence indicating the construction industry is becoming intricately linked with M2M technology. Technology and construction have never been mutually exclusive, but now they’re closer than ever.