Innovative technology solutions are impacting major industries; including healthcare.

For example, Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.,, New York, N.Y., designed Danbury Hospital’s new 11-story patient tower and brand new ER (emergency department).

Completed in June 2014, this project features reliable, unique design solutions to meet Danbury Hospital’s goals in delivering superior “patient-centered” care, decreasing energy consumption, and increasing capacity to serve and treat an expanding patient population. Some innovate engineering design features include improved filtration for air handling units located near the hospital’s helipad, an energy-efficient radiation floor heating and cooling system for the lobby entrance, and an entrance snow-melting system.

Additionally, Syska designed state-of-the-art energy recovery and clean air systems to the ER. Patient rooms were designed with enhanced features which include multiple lighting controls, smart-thermostat design for cooling and heating systems, and an ease of maintenance which aids infection control. According to Syska, compared to a baseline model for a similar facility, the Syska design is 36% more energy efficient.

Creating an optimal healthcare environment can be beneficial to patients as well as caretakers. Integrating numerous technology features into the design of a healthcare facility is a smart decision.

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