Hexagon Geosystems

5051 Peachtree Corners Circle

Norcross, GA 30092

Phone: +1 770-326-9500

Company scoreboard:

Agreement with pointfuse to streamline the use of reality capture data

Leica icon solution portfolio for all heavy-machines

Big acquisitions specifically targeted to construction

Market Movers:

Open standards and deep integration with other products

Focus on connecting the field and office seamlessly

An emphasis on an autonomous future

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“Hexagon is a big name in construction and its focus on data is unparalleled. This company will undoubtedly be one to usher in an autonomous era.”  —Peggy Smedley

Previous Constructech 50:

Providing sensor solutions and software, Hexagon has one simple purpose: Put data to work to empower an autonomous future—a future where data is fully leveraged so that both humanity and sustainability thrive. Nearly 20 years ago, the company was a leader in sensor solutions—and today that continues to evolve as it combines things like machine learning and AI to put data to work. Add in core values such as being profit-driven, professional, innovative, engaged, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial, and this is a recipe for a successful provider targeting many industries, including construction.

The company also has a big focus on contributing to a sustainable planet. At the heart of this is helping its customers design more sustainable structures by delivering data that can be analyzed, optimized, and visualized. Additionally, Hexagon has internally taken strides to bring sustainability into its corporate vision.

When it comes to its technology, the company’s core capabilities include providing solutions for reality capture, positioning technologies, software solutions, design and simulation, location technologies, and autonomous solutions.

Some big moves it made in the construction industry was acquiring Leica Geosystems, AGTEK, and Multivista. Leica Geosystems, offers precise and accurate instruments, sophisticated software, and trusted services. The heavy construction group focuses mainly on infrastructure such as dams, airports, bridges, highways, ports, canals, rail, tunnels, etc., while the building group focuses on automating for both commercial and residential.

By listening to the voice of its customer, Leica iCON solutions, including total stations, GNSS systems, along with machine control solutions, were born. While these are just some examples, the big takeaway is technology can help save time and improve safety by exchanging data easily. All in all, Hexagon is a company to partner with–one that recognizes autonomous is our future–and is delivering on its promise to put data to work for construction.

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