There has been a lot of talk as of late about the value home automation can provide to homebuyers and the competitive advantage for homebuilders. However, what about the value-add of such technologies in condominium developments? A new cloud-based platform within a condo project in New York promises to give residents a more interactive home portal.

Real estate company Kroonenberg Groep,, Schiphol, The Netherlands, recently finished developing Huys, which is a 58-unit luxury condominium development located in Manhattan. In addition to the modern finishes in the 1917 neoclassical building, the team also decided to enhance the experience by adding an interactive portal for residents.

Kroonenberg Groep worked with Conasys,, North Vancouver, B.C., which is the provider of the cloud-based platform for homeowner care and communication initiatives for new homebuilders and developers.

With the platform in place, residents at Huys will have access to a portal where they can access all the information about the home including warranty information, operating manuals, and paint codes. The system will even send email reminders when recommended maintenance is needed on the unit.

For developers and homebuilders, this type of a solution offers a number of competitive advantages. First, it incorporates the technology that buyers have come to expect in new homes and condos. Second, it gives developers and homebuilders a system to better manage warranty and maintenance issues on buildings and homes.

Greg McEwen, director of regional business development, Conasys, says the company has seen the excitement surrounding the platform since the recent introduction into the Eastern U.S. market.

Beyond just this example, Conasys offers a building care solution that can help facilitate building processes such as documentation storage and maintenance scheduling.

While this is one example, homebuilders and developers are quickly finding that home technologies can offer an edge in new homes. In this case, it also serves as a system for managing warranty information and maintenance on condos.