February 2012

Commercial construction software veterans now hope to find a new home in residential: Helping builders make money.

John Bodrozic and wife Elizabeth Dodson noticed something strange. Only one year after moving into their newly built home, the carpets across their plush new living space were beginning to look worn and damaged, as if they were years old. After a bit of investigating they came to the conclusion that missed routine maintenance on the air filters in their furnace was the culprit of the damage.

“Low and behold the first thing (we) both noticed is the air filters; who’s responsibility was it going to be to actually change them and actually track the timely change of the air filters?” says Dodson. “Tracking our home inventory, including documents, owner’s manuals, photos, and warranties was also a pain because there was no system to automate the process.”

While such matters were unfortunate, and ones many homeowners endure on a daily basis across the country, this air filter incident did bring one important matter to light for John and Elizabeth: How can we ensure this never happens again? Now that they had built their new home, the question became what would they need to do in order to take care of the home for the long run? And more importantly, how would they keep track of such maintenance schedules?

It was at that moment the entrepreneurial natures of both began to kick in. Seeing the rate at which technology was being embraced by everyday people for everything from keeping track of finances to keeping in contact with friends and family, John and Elizabeth knew it was time to move forward with an idea they had been entertaining for quite some time.

“We both just realized that the timing was right to launch HomeZada,” says Dodson. Thus, the launch of an online and mobile software system designed to help homeowners organize and manage all of the information about their homes debuted this past January.

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