Home security is an important part of owning a home. Increasingly, a connected home security system is becoming an equally important part of homeownership. As consumers adapt to using their smartphones and tablets for just about everything, the ability to keep tabs on their property remotely adds value to their lives.

Further, some companies believe society is bordering on a so-called “keyless era,” which will change the way people access their homes, cars, and businesses. Schlage, www.schlage.com, an Allegion, www.allegion.com, brand that provides security solutions for homes and businesses, is one such company.

Schlage has unveiled its new solution, the Schlage Sense system, which is designed to work with Apple HomeKit technology. The system offers the convenience of being key free, with the ability to manage up to 30 entry codes via a dedicated app. The company says the app allows homeowners to create access codes, delete them, check lock status, and view activity. iPhone users can even lock and unlock their doors using Siri. Built-in-Alarm Technology issues an alert when the device senses a possible break-in scenario.

The Schlage Sense system doesn’t need to connect to an existing home-automation system, nor does it charge a monthly subscription fee. As a result, the company hopes its easy-to-install connected security solution will bring smart home to more consumers than ever before.

ADT Corp., www.adt.com, is another company dedicated to providing the next generation of connected security, automation, and monitoring services. The company offers solutions such as its ADT Pulse Total Security wireless technology, the ADT Pulse Voice app that allows customers to control smart-home device via voice commands, and integration with the IFTTT (If This Then That) platform.

ADT Pulse Total Security leverages a wireless hub and control panel that combine security monitoring services with home automation. Using the ADT Pulse app, the company says homeowners can view realtime video, receive alerts, arm and disarm systems, and remotely control devices such as lights, door locks, garage doors, thermostats, and appliances. Additionally, ADT’s collaboration with the IFTTT platform allows customers to take even more control of their home, for instance, by creating scenarios in which an ADT thermostat would take action based on local weather conditions, as one example.

When solutions help consumers protect what matters most to them, the value of smart home solutions will sell itself. From lights to door locks, security systems, garage doors, and thermostats, the connected home will soon be a reality, not a dream.

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