Have you implemented a workflow and documentation system yet? More homebuilders are turning to technology to increase operational efficiency, especially as the homebuilding market begins to pick up.

With aims to eliminate the systems and process fragmentation, thus reducing work hours and saving costs, The Mungo Co., www.mungo.com, Columbian, S.C., has recently deployed MiTek’s, www.mii.com, San Diego, Calif., suite of workflow software designed for production builders, SAPPHIRE Build. It was a decision made after a thorough review of workflow software alternatives. Mungo Homes chose the SAPPHIRE Build suite because it offers complete integration for all operational processes, from lead prospecting to warranty and customer service.

Mungo Homes Program Manager Mike Lowman says SAPPHIRE Build allows the company to bring together all functions—from sales, production, and service—in a seamless system that is configurable to fit the specific company needs. “The features and configuration provided by SAPPHIRE Build’s solution finally lets us pursue our vision without being limited or defined by the technology,” he says. “We found no other software that delivers such a range of functional features while also offering this high degree of configuration.”

This signals a new technology trend among production builders, who are increasingly implementing high-performance workflow and documentation systems that are specifically designed to increase their operational efficiency and productive capacity in a steadily growing housing market.

The adoption of SAPPHIRE Build by Mungo Homes is driven by the company’s focus on achieving measurable performance improvement. “By eliminating the current fragmentation of our multiple software systems and processes, we expect to reduce the man hours needed to maintain our current operations,” Lowman adds. “As a result of the improved purchasing and scheduling capability that SAPPHIRE Build offers, we also expect to realize reduced cycle times and cost variances on the production of our homes. SAPPHIRE Build’s document repository and Website integration will allow Mungo Homes to consolidate many systems into a single source of all data to be used to operate our company more efficiently.”