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Building a Better Workflow
With a growing customer base in North America, HomeFront Software continues to focus on the needs of its clients. The product, also titled HomeFront Software, allows builders to manage sales, CRM (customer-relationship management), estimating, purchasing, scheduling, and service and warranty, with integration to various accounting systems. In the past year, the company has added an approval portal for online PO (purchase order) and AP (accounts payable) invoice approval with routing, an app to enhance the homebuyers’ design center and selection experience, and campaign management in the CRM application. Additionally, the company has added functionality targeting the Australian builder market and enhancements for the RFQ (request for quote) process, ultimately leading to better bid management. The Constructech editors like that the company continues to enhance the product to address the workflow for builders.

“For builders looking for a system to manage CRM, estimating, purchasing, scheduling, and service and warranty, with integrations to accounting, HomeFront Software is a good option. If a builder is looking for a system to help improve workflow, HomeFront offers a solid product.” —Constructech editors

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