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Major upgrade to its SaaS platform

Implementing new functionality to digitize the supply chain

Connecting often-fragmented residential building products

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Big focus on digitizing the supply chain

Shared mission of doing the job well

Driving technology into an industry that needs it

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“HomeSphere is in a unique position to digitize the supply chain. It has been putting the building blocks in place for years and now the homebuilder community can capitalize on it.” —Peggy Smedley

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Founded in 1999 on the foundation of being a third-party rebate management vendor, HomeSphere has evolved into a marketplace that connects the homebuilding distribution channel. The company connects homebuilders and building product manufacturers in one marketplace, with a technology platform. The company’s products include MyHomeSphere, for builders to manage their program, and HomeSphere-IQ, which manufacturers use to access a community of homebuilders.

Some key words that best describe this company include: entrepreneurial, resilient, forward-thinking, and committed. The company has weathered the housing downturns, the Great Recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Within days of the onset of the pandemic, the company found new ways to help its customers and the industry as a whole by implementing a weekly builder survey to assess builders’ challenges and perspectives. Build on to this a company that is constantly innovating, and this is a recipe for success.

What really sets this company apart is its focus on digitizing the supply chain—something that is so crucial for how building products are selected and maintained today. Last year, the company launched a major upgrade to its SaaS platform—making the move from a services and support company to a data-driven SaaS ecosystem for its customers and the industry. With this, it is in a unique position to drive communications and insights within the building products manufacturer space and the builder space.

HomeSphere strives to be, and is, a diverse team, which results in many new ideas and outlooks from many industry and life perspectives. The company views inspiration as coming from all levels of the organization—not just something that management has a responsibility to create. Still, the leadership team sets the tone by taking risks and being transparent about wins, failures, and learnings.

The end result is a company that delivers on its mission of doing the jobs it was hired to do and fulfilling the company motto of “do what you say you will do” through an environment of both accountability and support. In the end, that is a win-win-win for the company, its employees, and its customers.

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