Nov/Dec 2014

By Colleen Miller, Payroll, River City Construction

Until two years ago, we were completely dependent on hand-delivered, faxed, or emailed time sheets. On the average, we could have 200 pages of time sheets that would need to be re-entered into eCMS. We decided to streamline our entry process and save time for our payroll department by choosing Viewpoint for Mobile, which has not only met, but surpassed our expectations—especially in the area of cost savings.

An Easier Way to Track Labor Hours
Before Mobile, our field supervisors would handwrite on a time sheet for each employee’s time and then break out the hours by cost code. With 30-40 field employees, this task would sometimes take two hours a day. The supervisors would then send their information into our department for us to duplicate on eCMS. River City has two employees in the payroll department to enter that time. Before switching to Mobile, it would take one employee four days to enter time for contract jobs, and now that time has been reduced to two hours.

Better Visibility
In the past, as field employees moved from job to job, hours were missed for the travel time or even missed completely. Now, the supervisors can see what has been entered by someone else, eliminating the hour travel time. As cost codes are added and activated, the superintendents usually have the most current information on-site since Mobile is integrated with eCMS.

Reduced Errors
By greatly reducing time duplication errors and human error, we’ve reduced calls to our department from the field. Supervisors are able to make corrections to cost codes before time is uploaded on our end, reducing the amount of time we spend correcting costs in job costing.

Better Reporting
The project managers and supervisors have found the reports beneficial to them on the jobsite. They have timely information by cost code immediately, rather than having to wait for payroll to be updated. They don’t have to call the office for total hour information to write change orders, field work orders, or even while working on projected labor reports. Our accounts receivable department even uses the reporting section for backup on our time and material projects for the owners of the projects we are working on. Rather than giving them a copy of a handwritten time sheet (often illegible), they have to print out the Mobile report in a clean and professional format. We have shaved our check runtimes down from five hours to three when we print checks, handling around 400 checks per week.

Saved Time and Money
Since Mobile has saved our company time and money, not only have we enjoyed the time savings, but we eliminated the need to hire another employee in the payroll department.

All in all, we reduced the amount of time spent processing time sheets and were able to reallocate those resources to replace any employee who we unexpectedly lost without the need and expense to rehire. Mobile has also reduced the number of errors coming in from the field and the time spent in payroll correcting those errors and generating new paychecks. Perhaps most importantly, we’re now able to give the guys in the field realtime information as to where their job stands.

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