Following its appointment by the EPA (Environment Protection Agency),, Washington, D.C., as its WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year, HydroPoint Data Systems,, Petaluma, Calif., wasted no time in announcing its Fall 2014 WeatherTRAK Smart Irrigation release.

The new features are designed to build off new conservation apps and advanced flow products which the company introduced earlier this year. This “next generation” in smart-water management is designed to help property managers, water managers, and site managers take on projects for larger sites , while also better manage irrigation assets, share documents and notes, and streamline controller configurations and reporting.

Enhancements include: 72 and 96 station models of WeatherTRAK’s commercial-grade ET Pro3 controllers; advanced WeatherTRAK flow sensors and solutions; enhanced cloud-based apps-including Site Asset Manager’s advanced tracking and mapping of irrigation inventory and a new Document Manager; and time-saving Weather TRAK Central enhancements, which can do such tasks as save, name, and recall complete WeatherTRAK controller configurations, copy and paste station settings to one or more stations, and streamline reporting and automate report generation and delivery to one or more email addresses.

According to Chris Spain, president and CEO, HydroPoint, “This Fall’s WeatherTRAK release represents for us the ‘next generation’ in smart water management aimed at ensuring maximized water savings, reduced operating costs, and minimized risk for our customers and landscape partners.”

The EPA’s recognition of HydroPoint as its WaterSense Manufacturers Partner of the Year marked the first time a smart irrigation manufacturer won the award, which pays tribute to an organization’s commitment to water efficiency efforts in the United States.

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