When the prestigious Metropolitan Hotel at The 9, in Cleveland, Ohio, needed high-speed Internet access in line with their excellence, the choice was clear: the Telkonet, www.telkonet.com, Waukesha, Wis., EcoSmart system, which will manage guest comfort and energy use and the EthoStream HSIA (High Speed Internet Access) solution to provide wireless communication infrastructure.

The return is significant, as the project will be the largest installation of the combined technologies for Telkonet to date, at more than a $529,000 value. The resulting EthoStream www.ethostream.com, Milwaukee, Wis., will provide a robust converged network to support public Wi-Fi, administrative networks, and the underlying architecture for the energy-management system. And it will be a fit of form and function: the network infrastructure was designed to meet Marriott’s GPNS (Global Property Network Standards) and provides extensive growth capabilities.

Smart green savings? That’s the surefire benefit, as Telkonet’s EcoSmart energy-management system features the EcoInsight networked intelligent thermostat and is projected to provide 32% savings on the properties energy usage. And the two systems were designed with interoperability in focus, as the EcoSmart Suite of equipment operates using ZigBee wireless mesh on radio channels outside of the typical Wi-Fi frequencies. Telkonet’s EcoCentral Web platform will provide ownership with alerting and reporting functionality to ensure the system and property are in optimal condition.

The advantages include inclusion of existing office spaces, a landmark structure, and new construction into a mixed use facility that requires a very flexible communication network infrastructure. Additionally, the environmental control system can maintain occupant comfort while providing maximum energy savings.

The EcoSmart system from Telkonet provides a wide range of data capture and reporting capability to simplify the management of a complex property.

The fit is clear: Marriott’s high end Autograph Collection brand focuses on a unique, luxury experience and the EcoSmart energy-management system has proven to achieve the balance of guest comfort and energy savings. The solution accounts for future plans, as the EthoStream HSIA solution is proven technology and exceeds the standards set by Marriott for future network compliance.