Inventory high, demand low. This would be the way most people would characterize the homebuilding market throughout the past few years. However, there are some pockets in the country where that concept is flipped the other way around, and builders operating in such areas are leaning on integrated homebuilding technology to handle the anomaly.

One such company is Rodrock Homes,, Lenexa, Kan. In the market for 30 years, Rodrock is family owned and specializes in bringing a custom home experience delivered at production home price points to customers. Brian Rodrock, CEO, Rodrock Homes, says technology has helped the company manage growth, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. All factors are essential as his company grows to meet a series of new challenges.

The builder leverages integrated technology from MARK SYSTEMS,, Mt. Holly, N.J., as a way to streamline processes on projects from start to finish. Whereas in the past builders would be working more or less in silos of information–using disparate systems at different parts of the process–the integrated approach has become increasingly attractive in order to reduce costs and streamline efficiencies.

For Rodrock you can say the integrated approach is essential given the way it needs to deliver its “custom” homes in the “production” manner. The builder cycles an inventory of spec houses in three different stages relating to the amount of personalized selections and delivery time. The builder uses what it calls a “Design Freedom” selection process, where buyers are able to customize nearly every part of their homes. What makes this work is the way in which Rodrock is able to keep this customization process fluid as a home moves through the construction stages.

Adding another layer to this process, Rodrock recently partnered with a full service interior design firm in order to create an experience that helps guide the buyer through the selection process. This helps the builder create a true custom experience for every buyer.

With such efforts the builder is anticipating big things to come. Jeff Riglin, chief marketing officer, Rodrock, says the company is projecting two new sales per week in just its Wyngate and Summerwood Communities alone. This is where the integrated solution can play a big role.

“The single-database design of IHMS means that sales consultants and designers always have the most current selections available, at their fingertips, but only the selections that are still appropriate based on stage of construction,” says Robert Cain, vice president of consulting services, MARK SYSTEMS. “Purchase documents, schedules, and operations documents exactly reflect sales selections because they all come from the same place, and are communicated to trade partners and field personnel instantly and transparently. Mistakes, redundancy, and miscommunication are eliminated.”

The success Rodrock Builders is experiencing is, unfortunately, a bit rare these days in the homebuilding market. However, for those builders that are looking to keep up with demand, yet still manage multiple processes, integrated systems are providing a great way to handle the workload. In many senses, technology can provide the assistance needed when additional resources are required.