Integration among technology solutions deployed in the construction industry is just as important as collaboration among team members in the field. In fact, just like a project team must work together to get a job done, software solutions being deployed in the backoffice must seamlessly integrate to ensure overall project success.

Technology providers are making an effort to set companies up for success by offering integrated solutions for construction. For instance, Assemble Systems,, Houston, Texas, and Eos Group,, Houston, Texas, recently announced an integration partnership to better serve the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

Eos Group develops Eos Advisor, a project history solution that allows users to search historical cost data for benchmarking studies and budget estimates, and Assemble Systems is a BIM (building information modeling) software-integration company. As a result of the partnership, Eos Group is now a licensed reseller of the Assemble BIM software-integration platform, bringing the platform to the commercial market.

The companies say the goal is to provide architects, engineers, and contractors with the tools needed to access and manage mission-critical data stored in their BIM tools. The integration will enhance existing processes and allow for enhanced visualization. Integration will also provide more complete information throughout the project lifecycle.

Assemble Systems recently announced another collaborative effort with Total CAD Systems,, Houston, Texas, which is an Autodesk Premier solutions provider. The two companies will work together to provide AEC firms in the Houston area with access to Assemble.

Total CAD Systems says the ability to offer Assemble as part of its BIM product line will bring “much-needed integration and transparency” for AEC teams working in the BIM environment.

By collaborating and integrating software solutions, companies that look forward with their customers’ needs in mind help to make products more effective, accelerating technology adoption within the industry and ultimately making construction companies more successful.