The construction industry is now familiar with technology in the cloud. This innovation has been escalating by generations since the late 90s, when many project teams were looking at waste within the industry. The result was construction collaboration portals in the cloud.

Today technology providers continue to collaborate on cloud solutions to expand value. For example, NoteVault,, San Diego, Calif., a provider of voice-to-text-based mobile reporting solutions for the commercial construction industry, recently integrated with Autodesk Constructware,, San Rafael, Calif., a cloud-based construction project management software.

The ultimate goal of this partnership, according to the companies, is to ensure construction jobs run smoothly with maximum efficiency and minimal costs.

As the root cause of challenges on the jobsite, poor documentation is an area of significant opportunity. And the NoteVault-Autodesk Constructware integration enables all the individuals involved on a project to access, manage, and distribute essential reports with ease and least effort.

As a significant productivity advantage to construction companies, this innovation may save companies two to three hours a day in administrative work as well as thousands of dollars a year in hard costs, according to the companies.

Additional benefits of the new NoteVault-Autodesk Constructware integration include the ability to: curate observations in realtime with pictures as they occur, instantly share reports with key stakeholders, conduct full text content search within NoteVault PDFs for Constructware’s business customers, obtain immediate electronic approvals for change orders, create reports that are date and time stamped with weather conditions automatically incorporated, and track labor, materials, and equipment.

While this is one example of new integration in construction, the industry is moving toward greater integration between mobile reporting and project management. Keep an eye on this trend going forward.