The world of CRM (customer-relationship management) just became much more interactive for homebuilders. New announcements continue to permeate the market, all of which have a focus on helping builders leverage the most out of new and existing client relations. One announcement in particular has a focus on helping to make the lead-campaign process much more engaging.

Last week SmartTouch Interactive,, Austin, Texas, which provides interactive real estate marketing automation and CRM software for builders, announced it had teamed with BuzzBuzzHome,, Toronto, Ont. The BuzzBuzzHome Website has become a popular platform for paid and free syndicated real estate listing sites. The two companies will develop a SmartLead Adapter, which is an XML plug-in that will help automate lead capture and data entry from the BuzzBuzzHome site.

Builders and developers without a current lead-management system in place use the SmartTouch Platform in order to obtain an integrated set of solutions that provide valuable insight into their advertising investment on third-party websites. Achieving higher ROI (return on investment) by leveraging lead nurturing campaigns can be a valuable component for these builders and developers. Such efforts, according to SmartTouch, have been proven to reengage 20-30% of leads and potential buyers that typically go untouched.

With the announcement, Wycliffe Homes,, Thornhill, Ont, becomes the first homebuilder client to leverage this new technology. Using the technology Wycliffe Homes will capture leads from BuzzBuzzHome’s third-party sources and automatically populate these leads into the SmartTouch CRM system. For Wycliffe, this helps eliminate double data entry and leverages the SmartTouch Platform lead scoring capabilities. As leads are received through BuzzBuzzHome’s network of syndicated listing sites they become instantly entered into the SmartTouch databases. From there, the information is distributed to the appropriate community sales agents.

Jared Bensky, vice president development, Wycliffe Homes, says SmartTouch continue to prove tremendous value that comes from a single integrated platform for sales and marketing. According to Bensky, this makes the process of selling homes more efficient, optimizing the company’s sales and marketing spend in order to shorten the sales cycle for the organization.

“We continue to look for opportunities to advance our technology in a way that enables us to further centralize and optimize the lead generation, scoring, and nurturing process for our real estate developer and builder clients,” says Alan Daniel, CEO and cofounder, SmartTouch Interactive. “The SmartLead Adapter for BuzzBuzzHome is a great advancement for our greater Toronto area clients and we’re thrilled to deliver this new technology to help maximize ROI on leads generated through the BuzzBuzzHome network.”