Could IoT (Internet of Things) change how builders construct homes? As IoT grows in popularity, it seems companies are beginning to understand the value of having an Internet of Things component to their operations.

One of the latest companies to take the plunge into connectivity is Bosch,, Reutlingen, Germany, which announced it has set up a new entity called Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. The new firm will be headquartered in Reutlingen, Germany, and will be dedicated to the Internet of Things and related services. Specifically, Bosch says it will “supply compact electronic products and software expertise designed to make devices and objects intelligent and Web-enabled across a broad range of applications.”

For homebuilders, this will include a focus on sensor-based applications, such as those that can be used for smart homes, as well as industries like traffic, transportation, and logistics.

The new company will work to help network devices that are part of larger systems, such as connected appliances. Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions will concentrate on networked sensors and actuators for connected devices. The company says these small sensors can be intelligently programmed using software to record conditions and transmit them via the Internet to other devices.

As sensors become embedded in more everyday objects, Bosch sees an opportunity to supply the sensors that will power the connected world. These sensors will be included in devices such as window monitors that can detect when a window is opened and closed, or smart plugs that can turn on and off automatically.

The company is an example of a dedicated Internet of Things firm that hopes to capitalize on sensors. More connected devices in the future will likely present a larger need for devices that can use sensors to measure their surroundings. For homebuilders, this means not only building connected homes, but also bringing connected devices into the homebuilding process.