Will the homes you build soon be connected, as the IoT (Internet of Things) emerges? Many stand to gain as the IoT develops in more markets.

Homebuilders are in a good position to leverage the growing popularity of these devices and solutions as homebuyers begin to realize the value that smart-home systems can bring to their lives.

LightwaveRF, www.lightwaverf.com, Birmingham, England, a provider of intelligent devices for heating, lighting, and power control, is one company that plans to leverage the momentum it gained in 2014 and continue to build its presence in 2015. The company offers its LightwaveRF Smart Home platform, a system that integrates multiple smart-home systems with a range of more than 100 products such as dimmer switches, power sockets, handheld and wall-mounted remote controls, motion detectors and door sensors, thermostats, and radiator valves that allow room-by-room heating control.

First launched in 2011, LightwaveRF says it was one of the first mainstream smart-home solutions in the world. Since then, the company says it has expanded particularly by adding heating controls and by creating its cloud database.

The LightwaveRF Smart Home platform already serves nearly 30,000 connected homes throughout Europe and the U.K. After achieving revenues of £3 million for the year ending Sept. 30, 2014, the company hopes momentum in the IoT sector will help continue its profitability throughout this year and in the future.

By allowing devices, appliances, and consumer electronics to “talk” to each other, send data to the cloud, and be controlled remotely, the IoT is changing how consumers live in and relate to their homes. Through remotely monitoring and controlling systems such as heating, lighting, and energy, homeowners and business owners can reduce their energy usage and cut costs in addition to making their lives more consistent and convenient.

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