More and more, the IoT (Internet of Things) is colliding with the residential construction space in the form of home-automation technologies. As consumers continue to demand the latest smart-home solutions in their homes, construction companies must find ways to provide value-added options to buyers that satisfy their needs in today’s connected world.

Where can construction professionals turn to keep track of the latest trends in IoT? Crowdfunding is one way, though it admittedly provides a mixed bag of projects—from Zack Brown’s popular campaign to make potato salad on Kickstarter to potentially game-changing ideas such as Solar Roadways, a modular paving system made of solar panels, which found tremendous success on Indiegogo.

One new campaign from Authometion,, Anagni, Italy, a technology and IoT company, aims to bring a new home-automation product to market. Authometion is looking to raise funds for its IoTuino automation device, a very small Arduino-compatible module that incorporates a low-power Wi-Fi module and a radio transceiver.

The company says its goal with IoTuino is to open the door for developers to work with a powerful, miniaturized microcontroller that will allow for more rapid prototyping and building of IoT devices. IoTuino acts as a gateway for other devices, such as Authometion’s smart LED (light-emitting diode) bulb called LYT. When the device is paired with the company’s companion apps for iOS and Android smartphones, users can control the bulb by turning it on or off, setting the brightness, and even changing the color.

As the IoT continues to pervade all sectors, including construction, the various repercussions of its growth may not yet be known. From adopting connected devices and IoT technologies on the jobsite to providing wireless home-automation solutions to homebuyers as added options, technology is reshaping the way builders build and the way buyers buy.

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