Brisbane, Queensland, November 11th, 2014. The economic turnaround has many looking into expansion and construction of new facilities, buildings and major spaces. However, the best construction companies realize the customer has two things: a limited budget and a time frame for completion.

To that end, IPM Global provides solutions for construction project management. The software packages streamline the construction process and minimize the constraints and issues that arise with construction services.

This software works alongside the project manager and his team to facilitate the entire construction process. Our software is 100 percent Microsoft compatible and with native integration to Microsoft Outlook, is a game changer” said Miree Le Roy, spokesperson for IPM Global. “But in talking and learning from our customers, we have realized the need for something that allows us to easily expand into other platforms. This is when we started our search for a partner.

Recently, they joined COSA, the Construction Open Software Alliance, to help in this expansion and transitioning outside of the core Project Management discipline. COSA is an organization of contractors and technology providers working to develop and promote integration standards that all construction software providers can incorporate into their software for seamless integration with complementary platforms and applications. For IPM Global, joining this effort simply made a lot of sense.

This alliance was the solution we have been looking for given the many different types of applications utilized across any project team from conception through to completion. By urging interoperability across applications, it is possible for project delivery teams to once again deploy “Best of Breed” applications by removing the limitations of integration challenges,” said Le Roy.

A one-stop enterprise solution is not always the best option for builders so technology providers need to adapt to the needs of their end users. COSA was founded on the belief that builders should have the freedom to integrate and communicate data across their various technology solutions without having to do it all manually. COSA is working to standardize those integrations so they are easier for technology providers to implement,” said James Benham, whose company JBKnowledge, Inc. is a founding member of COSA.

IPM Global has offices in Hong Kong, the U.S. and Australia, its home office. Through the integrations pioneered as a member of COSA, IPM Global will be able to further expand their current software offerings into other parts of the world, including Europe and the Middle East.

COSA cross-application support means we will be able to meet the continuing demands of our customers and clients while offering the best in construction management systems,” said Le Roy.