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IPM Global made a big splash in the North American construction market a few years back and has steadily grown its customer base in the last 12 months. The combination of modern technology and industry know-how makes it a leading company in construction technology.
Constructech editors

As a newcomer to the list this year, IPM Global has proven it has what it takes to provide project-management technology to the North American construction market. With 25 years of experience serving construction in a myriad of ways, the company has an understanding of how technology works in the space and has identified a need in the industry—project-management software built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform so it integrates with the Microsoft Office suite and a variety of ERP (enterprise-resource planning) solutions.

The company—which has a strong base of customers in Australia—recently made its entrance into the North American construction market a few years ago and has been adding customers ever since. IPM Global understands the importance of things such as cloud, integration, and mobility and has built its platform with these in mind.

For example, the technology is able to integrate with eight different accounting packages aimed at the mid-tier and above construction market. Additionally, IPM Global has made its software available as a cloud service in the past year and has developed a mobile component. The software can be deployed on a construction company’s own internal infrastructure or via the cloud, depending on the preference of the client.

However, more than these added functions the company’s focus is on building a product on modern technology and aims to specialize in developing business software for project-related industries. The outcome is a project-management system that is accessible through Microsoft Outlook and enables construction teams to easily manage documents, RFQs (requests for quotes), subcontracts, RFIs (requests for information), forecasting, job task progress, and more.

While the product is modern, the technology company also has the background necessary to serve the construction industry. In talking with the executives, it is easy to tell they have a passion for helping the industry become more efficient through the use of cutting-edge technologies.


  • Modern product built on Microsoft technology
  • Construction-specific industry expertise going back 25 years
  • Flexible solution that can continue to change whether it is cloud or on premise


  • Continued growth in the North American market and internationally
  • Integration with more ERP products and building partnerships
  • Additional functionality for mobile going forward