In the construction industry, collaboration is key, with integration of solutions and platforms essential to growth of client base.

As an example, Incentive,, Los Angeles, Calif., recently joined Microsoft Ventures,, Seattle, Wash., in a global initiative empowering entrepreneurs around the world on their journey to build great companies. Incentive was chosen for the CAP (Customer Access Program).

Founded in July 2013, Microsoft Ventures currently features nearly 200 startups worldwide in the CAP. With thousands of installations across the globe, Incentive serves a wide range of industries, including public sector and non-government organizations, oil and gas, technology, and construction with customers such as NATO, Technossus, and Triangle Petroleum.

As a part of the CAP, Microsoft will introduce Incentive to its customers looking for startups to resolve business challenges with new, innovative solutions. All CAP startups are profiled in the Startup Directory, which is available for anyone to access and filter down by region and technology. Incentive will also have access to industry events, CAP-specific engagements, or customized briefings.

Getting in front of Microsoft’s global customers will be extremely valuable as the company continues to grow its company and client base, according to Rickard Hansson, CEO and founder, Incentive.

As an example of industry collaboration that bolsters growth and success, Microsoft Ventures works with startups at every stage of maturity to provide the tools, resources, knowledge, and expertise they need to succeed. Its goal is to help startups scale their business, bring innovative services to market, and reach new customers.

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