Building a quality home takes the work of an entire team. In some cases, this even applies to the re-building of homes. As we come up on the six-month mark of the events of Hurricane Sandy that hit the U.S. northeast coast, builders and suppliers continue to demonstrate how a collaborative relationship helps streamline all efforts.

As technology continues to be the key to building more efficient and sustainable homes, homebuilders can take comfort in the fact even their building materials suppliers have become a bit tech-savvy throughout the process.

Take James Hardie Building Products,, Mission Viejo, Calif., for example. The company works with architects, builders, and even homeowners, providing siding, trim, and other accessory products. But the supplier also has a tech-savvy side to it with regards to both how it manufactures its products as well as how it works with customers.

On the manufacturing side, James Hardie is unveiling a new concept around the idea of developing siding that can be engineered to meet the needs of climate. Branded The HardieZone System, it provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the product is being used. This essentially replaces the one-siding-fits-all approach, and instead optimizes the siding based on the home. During the build process, having products specifically engineered to the type of home, and even to the climate of the home, can ultimately save the homebuyer in the end, which is simply another value add builders can offer to customers.

On the customer side, the Design Your Home visualize allows buyers, and even builders and contractors, to virtually design the exterior of the home using the products from James Hardie. This tool aligns with the trend of 3D visualization continuing to make an impact in the build process, allowing buyers to become more engaged in the process.

With more and more homebuilders already on board with the process, it becomes a more collaborative process when key partners and suppliers offer a similar experience. Some say the more active a prospective homebuyer becomes in the build and design process, the higher the chances that person can be transitioned into a buyer. As builders continue to implement efforts around this strategy, working with partners that have a similar strategy can help ease the process.

Whether it is building, or even rebuilding, streamlined efforts help on all fronts. In fact, this weekend marks the six-month mark of the events of Hurricane Sandy last fall. The issue is brought to light by a community event in New York, hosted by the organization Family-to-Family,, Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., which is a nonprofit national relief organization that helps create one-to-one connections with families looking to help other American families in tough situations.

James Hardie is doing its part to help in a program from the organization called ‘The Shop ‘Til You Drop Rebuild-A-Room Project’ on Saturday, April 6 in Breezy Point,N.Y. Here, contractors, homebuilders, and homeowners can learn more about and even interact with products.

The event, which will include offers for products, is a great example of how the residential building industry remains resilient with dedication for rebuilding.