Telematics solutions come with a stigma of only being a fit for helping track mileage or location data for a piece of equipment. But more and more, this technology is proving to be of high value for helping contractors get an accurate view of job costs.

That can be changing now with the release of CASE SiteWatch from CASE Construction Equipment,, Racine, Wis. Designed as a solution to help with data reporting on assets, this technology ties in key aspects of telematics and remote management for construction companies. In particular, the technology can be an ideal solution for helping manage data associated with fleets.

Through the use of a control module integrated with a machine, SiteWatch sends realtime data to a Web portal. Its intuitive interface allows customers and dealers to review and analyze up to 18 months worth of data associated with a machine.

According to the company, SiteWatch was developed with the intent to help small- to mid-size companies in particular, which might not be overly familiar with this type of technology. For example, by having a dedicated telematics customer call center, CASE can help provide one-on-one information at any time.

By proactively tracking performance metrics, idle-time analytics, scheduled maintenance intervals, machine health reporting, and programmable security alerts, the technology can help customers identify trends associated with machine performance early on in the process.

“We look at SiteWatch as an essential business tool for today’s operations,” says Brad Stemper, solutions marketing manager, CASE Construction. “SiteWatch comes pre-programmed to monitor up to 12 parameters, many of which are customizable, so the output can be as simple or comprehensive as our customers need, and this information allows them to make immediate decisions to improve costs, lower fuel consumption and complete scheduled maintenance. SiteWatch also can tell customers which machines are ready for deployment, allowing them to maximize productivity and fleet utilization.”

Such a solution can also play a large role in job costing. This technology can replace the manual procedures associated with calling operators to get machine hours, and instead monitor machine usage and run-time on a daily or monthly basis. A prime example given by CASE is the ability for construction companies to determine a precise picture of the capabilities of their fleets and determine perhaps if costs can be offset through renting equipment rather than owning.

As construction companies look to get a more accurate view of job costs, machine and asset data will continue to play a large role. More and more, telematics-based solutions are proving to be more than just a way to track mileage, but also a way to understand true costs associated with operating equipment in construction.