Whether you’re working in healthcare, utilities, or construction, realtime information can be critical. For the construction industry, technology solutions that provide workforce and jobsite data to owners and contractors can have a positive impact on a project’s workflow.

One technology provider in the construction industry is looking to take its solution to the next level by adding new capabilities that will increase jobsite transparency. This week, ADR Software, www.softwareadr.com, Reston, Va., which offers Workforce Monitor—a service that uses RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology to monitor workforce activity on construction jobsites, announced its solution will integrate with Microsoft SharePoint.

SharePoint is a collaboration tool that allows users to share data, such as documents, so that all team members can remain on the same page. The SharePoint access module will extend ADR’s solution, giving general contractors, subcontractors, and project owners access to realtime workforce data, including labor charts that provide information such as the number of workers who came to a site on a particular day; the number of workers onsite at a particular time of day; and the difference between planned and actual labor for a work day.

ADR says the release will also give users the ability to retrieve and display workforce demographic analyses. The company says this data can be used for employment compliance reasons, as well as change order and overtime verification.

According to Bruce Labovitz, cofounder and president, ADR, “(The) goal is for our customers to have convenient, anytime-anywhere access to their realtime workforce data, because that’s how profitable construction jobs are managed in the field.”

By adding SharePoint integration capabilities to its automated Workforce Monitor solution, ADR clients will have more options to access the mission-critical data needed to optimize business processes and workflow in the field.

Integration, transparency, and data are all key elements to today’s successful business strategies for construction. Technology solutions that provide insight into what’s actually happening on the jobsite can be an important part of a project’s success.