Contractors working remotely can often be placed into harm’s way while on the job. Keeping workers safe and secure is at the top of the priority list for any construction company. Technology continues to play a vital role in helping with such objectives.

To help mobile workers communicate accident data with dispatchers or fleet managers, GPSTrackIt,, Temecula, Calif., has launched Instant Alert Device. The device attaches to a driver’s keyring and if a driver comes across any issues, they can call for help with the push of a button.

“The device works in a similar fashion to an electronic key,” says Eddie Bermudez, product manager GPSTrackIt. “It’s a small plastic box with a single button on it. The driver can carry it on his or her keychain. So even if they’re not with the vehicle they can still call for assistance.”

The device sends a signal wirelessly to a receiver connected to the tracking device in the vehicle, with a range of up 500 feet. Once the signal is received, the device is programmed to instantly issue an alert to the fleet-management system. With such a signal, the dispatcher or fleet manager will notify first responders with accurate location information.

The GPS vehicle-tracking device can also be of use in helping to reduce fleet costs and increase performance. But according to company officials, the device can also assist drivers once they leave the vehicle.

Bermudez explains: “Let’s say you dispatch someone to a remote oil field and there is no cellular communication out there. The tracking device uses both GPS and satellite communications, a combination that provides optimum coverage. The worker can use the Instant Alert Device to notify their team members back at the office if something is wrong or to acknowledge the completion of a task. This gives realtime, up-to-the-minute notifications to the alert contacts via Fleet Manager.”

Safety and security is important on any type of construction job. Technology that can step in and help issue alerts and relay vital information to first responders can provide tremendous value on the job.