As a group of more than 20 development companies, Schilling Companies,, Gillette, Wyo., focuses on build-to-suit projects for businesses in Wyoming and Colorado, and as a regional company in this industry, Mountain Peak Builders,, Gillette, Wyo., was searching for improvement of manual, labor-intensive payroll processes.

The search was concluded when Schilling realized the Xora Streetsmart solution was the answer—technology tailored to fit business needs. Xora Streetsmart,, Mountain View, Calif., with mobile timesheets, was well suited for the payroll challenge. Schilling, today, employs this mobile timesheet to minimize payroll labor costs, while improving the accuracy of both payroll and customer billing.

Each day, regionally, Mountain Peak Builders employees use a Xora-enabled mobile device to register start and end times for their workdays. Accounting is able to employ that data to determine exact billing and payment. This system can import data from Xora, without manual and time-intensive labor and time.

The advantages for Mountain Peak Builders are multiple, including visibility of employee projects and employee safety. With the technology, Mountain Peak is aware of employee work and location in remote areas.

Additionally, Mountain Peak Builders can use Xora InVehicle for the company’s fleet of about 50 trucks and heavy equipment. The technology tracks equipment and this assists with diversity of jobsite locations.

Overall, Xora eliminates manual aspects of payroll and ensures data confidence, which drives for Mountain Peak Builders accurate billing, accountability, and customer satisfaction.

While this is just one example, a number of construction companies are continuing to focus on how to improve payroll challenges by implementing technology that can easily share data between the jobsite and the office. The question is: Can your system easily flow data from one location to the next?