Got a hefty touchscreen lined up to help make a splash in presenting your plans at that upcoming project managers meeting, but scratching your head about how to move the cumbersome device?

BALD Technologies,, Raleigh N.C., which designs, builds, and distributes “ultra-high-performance touchscreen manipulation technologies,” reports having had numerous touchscreen users request an ultra-stable yet tilt-enabled stand that would simplify the process of transporting, setting up, and manipulating their touchscreen in three basic scenarios: tradeshows, off-site meetings, and lift assist/existing work surfaces.

In response, the company designed what it describes as a simple to use and transport, two-piece, product that features a near edge-to-edge, permanently mounted frame married to a multi-port, brushed aluminum base secured by dual, quick-release pins.

“I saw an opportunity to provide a tool that would quickly blend the benefits of sit/stand desks with touchscreens,” relates David Fuller, president, BALD Technologies. “I decided to design and build an extremely rigid, stable, and attractive stand that would achieve the end-user requirements.’

Features of the new manually adjusted kickstand for large format touchscreens are:  power is not required to use/manipulate; predetermined ports allow for 90°, 75°, 60°, and 45° tilt; ultra-wide, low-profile, brushed aluminum footprint; and 20-in. deep base allows for use on standard depth desks/work surfaces.

“I believe the ruggedized tool,” concludes Fuller, “will be of high value vs. alternative products that tend to be bulky, unstable, and expensive to purchase and transport.”

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