In order for smart home to take off, homebuyers must see the value these technologies can bring to their lives. One way construction companies within the smart-home ecosystem strive to make this happen is by integrating these offerings and presenting a more united front.

Kwikset,, a provider of residential security products and technologies, and Logitech,, a hardware and software provider helping to enable the IoT (Internet of Things), offer one example of how companies can work together to make smart-home solutions more appealing to homebuyers.

The companies recently announced Kwikset’s line of SmartCode locks will be part of Logitech’s Harmony Living Home lineup of entertainment and home-automation devices. The SmartCode locks leverage Kwikset’s Home Connect technology to offer a wireless access and control system for door locks, while also integrating with other wireless smart-home products such as home security and automation systems.

Kwikset says Logitech’s Harmony Living Home unites several compatible brands that offer products for the connected home in order to create a centralized, integrated system for home automation and control. By adding the SmartCode lock lineup—which includes a wide range of devices such as keyless entry deadbolts and lever locks, some even including capacitive touchscreens—Logitech ensures customers who are looking to Harmony Living Home as a guide for adopting smart home will have access to secure, connected locks.

Convenience and security may be the key value adds that get consumers on board with connected-home technologies. By making it as easy as possible for customers to adopt their technologies, companies can pave the way toward mainstream adoption.

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