Some new and enhanced laser offerings have been announced for construction industry applications.

Topcon Positioning Group,, Livermore, Calif., has upgraded its entire line of pipe lasers, with the new TP-L5 series presenting five models to meet both performance and budget requirements.

With up to four times the visibility of a red beam, the GreenBeam models are designed to provide a solution for long-run pipelines and areas where ambient light is common. New features include an improved operating panel with a high-contrast display for visibility in all lighting conditions.

“The Topcon pipe laser family already included many features to speed set up and productivity not found on any other pipe laser,” says Murray Lodge, senior vice president and general manager of the Construction Business Unit.  “Now, with the TP-L5 we’ve increased the clarity and brightness of the beam, and improved the operating features of the most versatile, comprehensive line of pipe lasers available.”

Topcon also announced the release of a next generation laser transmitter for use with its Millimeter GPS precise positioning system — the LZ-T5, which incorporates new design and operational technology that enhance its performance in fluctuating temperatures and adverse weather conditions.

Millimeter GPS, according to the company, allows traditional GPS measurement and machine control systems to improve its vertical accuracy by up to 400%. The LZ-T5 uses patented zone-beam laser technology to continuously provide high accuracy elevation information to improve GNSS positioning.

And, Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., has introduced new additions to its line of construction laser tools—the Spectra Precision GL412N/GL422N Grade Lasers, LL400HV Laser Level, and HV302 Horizontal/Vertical Laser.

The new lasers are ruggedized, automatic self-leveling and designed for a wide range of general construction, site preparation, and interior applications including general elevation control, leveling forms and footers, concrete pours, excavations, ceiling and drywall installation, as well as single and dual slope work.

The GL412N and GL422N are single- and dual-grade lasers that also offer long-range operation in addition to their grade capability of -10 to +15%. A new RC402N full-function remote control is standard with the grade lasers and offers a menu-driven interface. The radio remote operates at a range up to 330 ft. and provides the ability to make grade changes and start automatic alignments remotely.

The LL400HV is a long-range exterior laser with a working diameter of 2,600 feet. This long range makes it suitable for large construction projects by reducing or eliminating multiple setups. It also has self-leveling vertical capability for alignment applications.

The HV302 is capable of handling a wide variety of horizontal, vertical, and plumb applications in both interior and exterior projects. Its high-visibility beam enables simultaneous rotating and 90 degree plumb references and, according to the company, is easy to see even in brightly lit interiors.

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