Laser scanning is becoming a more common method for gathering spatial information in various renovation ventures. One project team was able to ensure quality of modeling and matching through the use of construction software on one of the largest petrochemical enterprises producing rubber.

Here was the objective: Create a 3D model of the four plants in the TogliattiKauchuk factory in Russia. Heading up the team was Acropol-Geo with a process inspection and support from specialists from 3DLS.

The group knew prior to design or the reconstruction of an object, accurate spatial data needs to be captured. Using a laser scanner, the team was able gather measurements without interrupting business at the plant. The final 3D scan included every single one of the 12.5 billion real measurements that were captured during the scanning process.

Following the data-gathering process, the team conducted an extensive process of quality control matching and modeling with positive results. The maximum difference between the points of scans amounted to 12 mm compared with the desired tolerance of up to 15 mm in the assignment specification. The final collecting and checking of 3D models was done in MicroStation from Bentley Systems,, Exton, Pa. The modeling process was carried out with continuous monitoring of the results.

In the end, the team restored the factory-built documentation, conducted a survey of facilities, created topographical plans and maps, calculated volumes of mining and storage of bulk products, performed architectural measures of buildings, scanned and stimulated emergency hydraulic power units, captured linear objects of pipeline transportation, carried out 3D model of complex structures, and other activities to meet the objectives of 3D scanning.

The entire project was completed within 102 working days. Not only that, but the project-management organization received a database containing the normalized cloud of points along with 3D models of the plant in CAD (computer-aided design) and Aveva,, Cambridge, U.K., PDMS format with the coordinate system of the plant.

For contractors working on renovation construction and infrastructure projects, creating an accurate model of existing conditions to understand the current structure and spatial utilization of a building is critical. These days, 3D laser scanners and modeling software have become essential tools for helping to gather this measurement data.