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LATISTA Technologies
Reston, Va.

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As tablets and smartphones become more pervasive in the construction industry, contractors are beginning to determine how they can get more done on these mobile devices. LATISTA is a cloud-based Web and mobile software that gives contractors and owners access to plans and drawings, QA/QC (quality assurance/quality control) information, and commissioning information. With the software, construction companies can complete inspection forms and route for approval, record results from commissioning tests, and access and markup drawings in the field. Taking it a step further, LATISTA also has a barcode feature that gives construction users the ability to access quality management and commissioning information about a particular area of a piece of equipment, just by simply scanning the barcode on the equipment. The Constructech editors like that LATISTA has its eye on evolving technology trends and has built a good core product with enhancements that will change the way construction companies do business in the field going forward.

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